About our company

Condensed milk represents milk in its tastiest manifestation!

For Gorodotsky milk canning plant the year 2012 turned out to be the period for кevival and сreation. It has become a part of JSC “Milkvord”б which marked a new stage of development of the enterprise both technologically and from the perspective of the product line.

The milk canning plant in Gorodok was built in 1957. The enterprise focuses on production of the milk canned food in assortment. The tastiest condensed milk “Gorodok Molochnyi” is the calling card and the pride of the plant. This enterprise is well-known throughout Ukraine, and it is proud of its production of the high-quality products.

Today, JSC “Milkvord” is one of the largest producers of milk canned food in Ukraine. The company has extensive marketing geography. Production is delivered both on the territory of Ukraine and to the neighbouring countries and beyond, particularly to America, Canada, Israel, Moldova, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan by means of its own trading house “Milk-Market”.

The goods pass strict quality control. All the products are certified and correspond to state standard specification and technical specifications.

The main direction of activity of our enterprise is continuous and purposeful improvement of the manufacturing procedures. It is determined by the modern conditions of the market and competition. Under the circumstances, the consumer must be provided with the various product ranges, their high quality and the acceptable price levels.

Starting from 2014, JSC “Milkvord” began production of milk canned food in the new containers, stand-up pouch. Stand-up pouch is made of modern materials of high quality and is supplied with a convenient cap and a steady bottom. These features allow to open and close the container repeatedly while preserving the taste of the products.

With their thickness and refined aroma, our products bring forth the flavourful, sweet and creamy taste of childhood.

Condensed milk is a magnificent addition to desserts, pancakes, and pastry. It also tastes wonderfullty with hot drinks, such as tea, coffee, and cocoa.

Condensed milk is one of the most recognizable and favourite products of our childhood and its taste reminds us of those fine and carefree times when we were truly happy.

Our enterprise produces food goods under the four trademarks: “Gorodok Molochnyi”, “Bakhmachmoloko”, “Umka”, “Malchik” and “Masha and the Bear” under the trademark under the terms and conditions of the licence agreement.

Products at the milk canning plant are made from the natural cow’s milk delivered from regions of Khmelnitsk Oblast. The enterprise has a certified laboratory on its territory which creates the possibility to control the quality of products at all stages of production.

All products of JSC “Milkvord” have certificates of conformity, meet all quality standards and meet with a ready market.

We are convinced that the good product needs to be made with an open soul and a kind heart, and then the result will be at a very high level. We really care for the consumers and approach the clients individually which allows us to find the most acceptable and mutually advantageous conditions of cooperation.

The objects of our company are:

  • condensed milk manufacturing with the use of modern technologies that enable to reduce costs and maintain a consistent high quality of products.
  • realization of products on reasonable price for consumers.
  • constant marketing development in Ukraine and abroad.

Pursuing the intended objectives, we are consistently and confidently conquer market leadership and the most important thing is that, we acquire the trust of consumers.

Cause our main mission is – the absolute consumer confidence.

Only in this case, we can be satisfied with our work.